3 steps for choosing your perfect hair style

A perfect new hairstyle depends on various factors. It depends on the texture, face shape, features, etc. Some haircuts suit certain people, whereas others don’t. These are the steps you need to take to choose your perfect hair style.

Face shape

You should choose a haircut to compliment your face shape. A general rule is that your hair should be opposite to the shape of your face. For example, if your face is square, then you should have soft layers or waves to balance your sharp angles. If you have a round face long and layered bobs, fringe bangs, etc. will look good on you. If your face is square, then graduated layers beginning at the jawline, asymmetrical and textured layers, etc. will look good. If your face is oval, any haircut will look great. For heart shaped face, short fast cut or side swept bangs are good choices.

Texture of hair

There are various textures of hair, for example, limp, silky, bouncy, coarse, etc. You should style your hair according to the texture of your hair. For example, if you have thin and straight hair, then short and choppy fast hair will look good.

Use your hair to highlight certain features

Your haircut can highlight some of your best features. For example, if you like the length of your neck, then you should try a short haircut to show off your neck. You can also cover your flaws with your hairstyles. For example,e if you have wide ears then you should avoid haircut that is too short. You can add some colour to your hair. It can improve your appearance.

You should keep changing your hair style. You should play around and see which one you like most. Ultimately, you will get a cut in which you will feel confidence and happy.